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A New Brand of Basketball

**Scratch That, Brand out for the year**

Word on the street is that the Phoenix Suns are looking to trade Amare for Elton Brand.

After another disheartening defeat to the San Antonio Spurs the Phoenix Suns may need to throw in the towel on their current line up.  Once upon a time the running and gunning Suns would strike fear in the eyes (and legs) of their opponents through the break neck speed at which they played. The one obstacle, much like a rock, that always looked to stand in their way was the Spurs.  Folks, that rock is not moving. 

Within the past 2 years the Suns have made moves in efforts to solidify the areas of weakness in playing the Spurs. The Shaq trade, bringing in a new coach and then trading 2 solid role players for a borderline star in Jason Richardson.  The moves have not worked so what is left to do? Most Suns fans like myself have accepted that this team is no longer on a Championship level and once you accept that the picture becomes a little more clear albeit a grim picture at that. 

Shaq and Nash are not likely to be moved. Nash is still one of the better point guards in the league and Shaq when rested is still a 20 and 10 beast. What we lack is solid defence on the perimeter and from our forward position, Amare. 

There are few scenarios where it makes sense to move Amare and this may be one of them. If the Suns could get back Brand and possibly Young or Andre Miller this could help the Suns i na few areas. Philly could return to the run and gun and everyone knows how Amare thrives in that role. Brand could help with our porous pick and role defence while having someone else to go down on the block and kick out to Nash and others though combining Brand and Shaq down low could cause some other issues this may be a risk worth taking. 

This is all speculation and mid season trades rarely work out, just look to the Suns of last year. If the Suns feel like the still need time to gel then they shouldn’t make any more moves. If they feel there is no chance that this core will compete then they owe it to Nash and Shaq to move Amare and give these guys a punchers chance at a championship.

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